Laser Dentistry Allentown

It's no secret that laser technology has made its way into the medical and dental fields and is there to stay. In Allentown, PA, Dr. Mary Viechnicki Potter is one cosmetic dentist that utilizes the precision and safety of lasers to bring results to her patients. Using advanced technology, Dr. Viechnicki Potter has helped many individuals cure a 'gummy' smile. If you notice too much gum when you smile and are not happy with this appearance, give Dr. Viechnicki Potter a call to learn more about this technology.

A diode laser is used to change the gums' appearance and the shape of the gums. The procedure takes just a few minutes in most and causes only little to no pain. It is deemed a safe procedure that is effective in improving cases in which gums appear excessively when the patient smiles, or in cases of uneven gums. ᅠ

Most would probably agree that there is a bit more to an attractive smile than just white, straight teeth. Excessive gums or uneven gums can be a source of embarrassment for some. Through laser dentistry, Dr. Viechnicki Potter has helped many individuals in Allentown improve their smile through laser dentistry and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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