Laser Dentistry Find Waterlase Dentists and Practicses with Dental Lasers

Fear is a common feeling for most people while they wait in the dentist’s office.  All those magazines just can’t get your mind off those whirring noises and the cries of distressed children.  If the though of that drill operating anywhere in your mouth gives you the chills or cold sweats, then maybe it’s time to investigate laser dentistry.

Traditional dentistry requires the use of a rotary tool that has many useful attachments.  Among these are cleaning brushes, drills, and sanding heads.  All of them require rough physical contact that can leave you nauseous and stressed out.  Most of them also require water and suction to help clear out the by products associated with each head.

Laser dentistry eliminates many of the common complaints of traditional dentistry.  A laser device replaces the rotary tool and can be used for everything from surgery to tooth bleaching.  The only addition to the procedure is the requirement of protective glasses to shield the eyes from the laser beam.  A laser doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t require physical contact with your teeth.  Water isn’t usually needed but air suction is used to keep the treated area cool.

The time span of a laser treatment can vary depending on the usage.  Some treatments with the laser may only last a few moments, while others could last minutes.  When it comes to surgery, laser dentistry offers several significant improvements.  There’s not a big need for anesthesia, bleeding and swelling are reduced, and there’s not much discomfort afterwards.  For tooth bleaching, a laser can speed up and enhance the action of the bleaching agents.  Natural-looking fillings for cavities can be cured in minutes and patients can eat immediately afterwards.  The benefits of laser dentistry are numerous and exciting!

Lasers can be tuned to affect different parts of the mouth.  The enamel of your teeth, your gums, and whitening agents all react to different wavelengths of light.  By tuning the laser to a specific task, the dentist can target a problem without causing other ones to crop up.

Laser dentistry doesn’t require a whole lot of additional training.  Most dentists find it is an affordable alternative for people who are afraid of drills.  Though the cost of the equipment and training must eventually be passed on to the patient, people who want laser dentistry seldom mind.

Consult a dentist that offers laser techniques today to discuss your options.  Depending on what sort of treatment you require, there should exist some form of laser dentistry that can address your needs.

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