Laser Dentistry (Waterlase®) Huntersville, NC

Waterlaseᆴ uses HydroKinetic energy by combining a spray of atomized water with laser energy. This generated power helps perform a wide variety of dental procedures gently and accurately, eliminating the need for drills and needles.ᅠ With the unique precision that Waterlaseᆴ provides, Dr Miles can effectively perform treatments more conservatively while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue.ᅠ This means post-op bleeding, swelling, and healing time are drastically minimized if not completely eliminated.ᅠ

Laser dentistry offers a degree of versatility that has made it possible to have specialty procedures performed in-office by Dr. Miles.ᅠ Patients no longer need a referral to a specialist for most procedures, saving them time and money.

Waterlase is an ideal course of treatment for patients who experience dental fear and anxiety and provides a safe and effective dental experience for both children and adults.ᅠ Laser dentistry can maximize your level of comfort and offer an entirely new dental experience.ᅠ

Dr. Miles is highly trained and experienced in laser dentistry and can help you get the healthy teeth and bright smile you've always wanted.ᅠ

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