San Diego Laser Dentistry

Laser technology provides a new standard of comfort in dentistry.ᅠ Laser dentistry allows San Diego cosmetic dentists to perform a variety of dental treatments without the use of anaesthesia or drills and minimises post-op bleeding, swelling, and healing time.ᅠ

DIAGNO Dental laser Treatment

The DIAGNOdent laser works to detect early tooth decay which is often obscure on traditional x-rays.ᅠ Using this revolutionary, painless technology, cosmetic dentists are able to target and treat problem areas before they turn into serious dental conditions that require more complicated, costly dental procedures.

ᅠWaterlase MD Laser Treatment

Waterlaseᆴ uses HydroKinetic energy that combines a spray of atomized water with laser power.ᅠ Waterlaseᆴ helps San Diego dentists perform a wide variety of dental procedures gently and accurately.ᅠ The Waterlaseᆴ system can painlessly remove and fill cavities without shots or drilling required.ᅠ This eliminates the uncomfortable numbing sensation, swelling, and downtime that are often experienced after a traditional filling procedure.

LaserSmile Laser Treatment

LaserSmile is specifically used in teeth whitening treatment to successfully enhance whitening results and provide a more comfortable dentistry experience.ᅠ Patients who have sensitive teeth will especially appreciate the gentle touch of this unique laser.ᅠ With LaserSmile, you instantly get sparkling pearly white teeth and the results are long lasting with little to no maintenance required.ᅠ

DioLase Plus Laser Treatment

DioLase Plus is commonly used to treat soft tissue areas around the gum lines without the use of painful metal tools.ᅠ The DioLase successfully eliminates bacteria, providing a more effective, deep dental cleaning.ᅠ

Laser dentistry can maximize your level of comfort and offer an entirely new dental experience.ᅠ

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