Miami Lumineers

In sunny Miami, one of the most important things in life is to look good.ᅠ After all, nobody wants to appear on the famed South Beach looking out of shape and not their best.ᅠ With the city's notoriously extravagant party scene and it's fun loving locals, Miami has established a reputation as one of the biggest party cities in the country.ᅠ Popular shows like Miami Ink display the loving care that people take when it comes to making themselves more attractive.ᅠ Additionally, any day a person spends on the beaches of Miami is a good one.ᅠ After all, it's hard not to smile when you have so many attractive people around you.

However, while people immediately think of hard, athletically sculpted bodies when they think of the city, Miami is full of people that understand that it's not enough to just have a fine looking body.ᅠ After all, those are a dime a dozen in this international hotspot.ᅠ Rather, it is really important to have an attractive face and to get rid of those little flaws that may be acceptable in smaller towns in the country but not in ritzy Miami.

For that reason many people are turning to cosmetic dentistry to help them get the look that they desire.ᅠ While some critics may wonder how important a person's smile is, the truth is that it is vitally important.ᅠ Although it is very rare to find people compliment others on their pristine teeth, the fact is that having unattractive teeth hinders your smile.ᅠ And let's face it ヨ a great smile is an irresistible feature.ᅠ Besides providing a warm signal to others, an attractive smile makes a person more confident in their personal and even professional lives.ᅠ We live in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on personal connections and the confidence that comes with a great smile will help a person interact more effectively than others.

Of course the reality is that it is very difficult for people to maintain a great smile.ᅠ After all, our teeth are fragile to aging and natural habits like drinking coffee, tea and wine can lead to teeth staining.ᅠ You don't need to be a cosmetic dentist to understand the effect that teeth staining can have on a person's smile.ᅠ In addition to adding discolored stains to a person's teeth, teeth staining often make people appear older than they are and more negligent with their appearance.ᅠ In sunny Miami, that's the last impression that you want to make and it isn't surprising to see that Miami's cosmetic dentistry industry is booming.

Over the last few years, there have been a startling number of developments and innovations in the field of cosmetic dentistry.ᅠ One of the most innovative new techniques was the development of porcelain veneers.ᅠ With porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentists were able to add a thin layer of porcelain material over the surface of a patient's tooth.ᅠ This is done primarily to either protect a damaged tooth surface or to increase the visual appeal of the patient's teeth.ᅠ In the porcelain veneer process, the cosmetic dentist will create the porcelain veneer prior to the treatment.ᅠ From there, they will bond the porcelain material over the patient's tooth.

Although porcelain veneers have been incredibly successful, it has found itself a bit outdated.ᅠ The popularity of the cosmetic dentistry industry has led to a number of new developments and many people are interested in the next generation of porcelain veneers ヨ Lumineers.ᅠ In Miami, Lumineers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments available and many people swear by the improvement that lumineers have over porcelain veneers.ᅠ Much like porcelain veneers, lumineersᆴ are a cosmetic dentistry technique that will help align the smile of a patient's teeth while making the patient's teeth permanently whiter.ᅠ Using patented technology developed by Cerinateᆴ, lumineersᆴ have demonstrated that they are a more effective and permanent alternative to porcelain veneers.ᅠ However, the question remains ヨ what exactly are lumineers.

Essentially, lumineersᆴ take the basis of porcelain veneers and improve on them.ᅠ Much like porcelain veneers, lumineersᆴ utilize porcelain material to create a material that can be placed over the patient's teeth.ᅠ However, unlike porcelain veneers, lumineers is much less painful.ᅠ One of the unfortunate aspects of porcelain veneers are that they require the cosmetic surgeon to shave part of the patient's tooth surface to create room for the porcelain veneer.ᅠ However, lumineersᆴ utilize patented Cerinateᆴ porcelain that have been described as contact lens-thin.ᅠ Unlike porcelain veneers, the cosmetic dentist is able to place lumineers over a patient's tooth without having to remove parts of the patient's tooth structure.ᅠ Additionally, for patients that have a crown or bridgework, the advantage that lumineers have is that it doesn't require replacing these dental structures for the cosmetic dentist to apply lumineers.

As a result, lumineers have become extremely popular throughout the country and in particularly Miami.ᅠ The advanced technology used with lumineers have also meant that it is easy for patients to get lumineers without others being aware of what they are doing.ᅠ Typically it takes two to three dental visits for the lumineer process to be completed.ᅠ In the initial visit, the cosmetic dentist will examine the patient's teeth and make an impression of the teeth that will be used to create lumineersᆴ.ᅠ From there, the dentist will test out the customized lumineers to ensure that they are a good fit.ᅠ Some minor etching may be made on the patient's teeth but no sensitive tooth structure will be removed.ᅠ After this has been completed, the cosmetic dentist will then bond the lumineers to the patient's tooth and use a curing light to ensure that the lumineers are set in their right place.

Unlike porcelain veneers, lumineersᆴ have the advantage of being reversible.ᅠ This is primarily due to the fact that none of the patient's sensitive tooth structure are removed to bond the lumineersᆴ.ᅠ However, it is very rare for patients to get rid of their lumineersᆴ.ᅠ Clinical studies have indicated that people with lumineers boast a great smile that are whiter and more aligned than individuals that have porcelain veneers.ᅠ Additionally, lumineers have another advantage over porcelain veneers: clinical studies have shown that lumineersᆴ will typically last up to twenty years.ᅠ The pride in the endurance of lumineersᆴ is reflected on the fact that they come with a five year guarantee.

So are you afraid of hitting the beach and spending your day being seen due to your teeth?ᅠ Don't let your smile get in the way of enjoying perpetually sunny Miami.ᅠ With lumineers you are able to turn your smile into the weapon it's supposed to be.ᅠ With lumineersᆴ, your smile will be one of the many shining lights on a night out in Miami!
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