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When people think of orthodontics the first thing they think of is braces.  While orthodontists perform a host of other cosmetic dentistry services braces really are their bread and butter.

Braces can have many useful benefits of those who choose to dawn them. For many people the desire stems from a combination of wanted all of the benefits, but for some one benefit is more important than others.  The length of time you wear your braces will depend on why you are getting them.

Fix Your Bite

For some people an uneven bite can affect their day-to-day happiness.  If you have an uneven bite, the chances are you might not feel any discomfort now, but over time it is only going to get worse and you should be looking to fix the problem before it degrades.

Straighten Your Teeth

Let’s face it; we live in a superficial society.  There isn’t much we can do about it except play along.  This means that having a great straight smile will give you an advantage over anyone who does not have perfect pearly whites.  If you are getting orthodontics – braces the chances are you will have you bite corrected and your teeth straightened as well.  However, some people don’t feel like investing the time it takes to get that perfect bite, they just want a perfect looking bite.  These folks can just leave the braces on long enough to fix what they don’t like then have them removed.

Invisible Braces

On the same track as superficiality, people want better looking teeth but they also don’t want people to know that they have braces or deal with the unattractiveness of having those things in your mouth for so long.  You can give the appearance that you don’t have braces simply by asking for invisible braces.  They are a little more expensive but they’ll get the job done, and you won’t look like a 13 year old.

Lingual Braces

These are the ultimate in brace concealing technology.  They are placed on the backs of your teeth so nobody will even see that you have them on, unless they get an up close and personal look at the inside of your mouth.  You can have them applied to either the top or bottom teeth…which begs the question:

Are lingual braces on only one level of teeth called Bilingual braces…think about it!

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