Cost of Orthodontics

The following is a general FAQ that will help you determine what orthodontics will cost and how you’ll be able to pay for them.

Cost of orthodontics:

The strange fact is that in cities with more malpractice lawyers, the higher the orthodontists insurance and the more cost will get passed on you.  Generally in normal regions, orthodontics are $3,000.  If you live in a larger city like NY, you’ll pay closer to $7,000.

Why do orthodontics cost so much?

Well, when you think about it they don’t cost that much.  On average the regular person will visit the orthodontist around 75-100 times.  At a cost of $3,000 to $7,000 that works out to around $30 to $70 per visit.  This is less than the cost of going to the spa, and the benefits will last for your entire life.

Orthodontics only seems expensive because the Orthodontist tells you what the lifetime costs of straightening your children’s teeth will be. The total bill is less than the total amount you have to pay for the lifetime maintenance and repairs on your car. Aren’t your children’s teeth as important as your car?

Can I negotiate the fee?

Generally you cannot.  The fees set are to pay for the tools, staff and time it takes to get the job done.  If you think that you are paying way too much.  Just go to a different orthodontist.

Can I take advantage of a payment plan system?

You need to talk to your orthodontist to be sure, but most orthodontists allow you to pay for your children’s treatment in installments. Usually the orthodontist will ask you to make a substantial initial payment, to cover the costs of starting up your case. Then the orthodontist will usually let you make monthly payments for the balance.

The orthodontist cannot finance the entire treatment, because the orthodontist incurs considerable costs when he or she first starts a new patient and he needs to recover those initial costs. However, once you pay for those initial costs, the orthodontist will usually let you pay for the rest of the treatment in installments.

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