Oral Surgery Whistler BC Wisdom Teeth Removal Dentist

Surgery performed on a regular basis at Whistler Dental includes bone grafting, sinus lifts, ridge modification, ridge preservation, implant placement and restoration, crown lengthening, gingival re-contouring, root canal therapy and surgical extractions.

With any surgical procedure there are certain risks. The risk is minimized with various techniques and medications such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. You will likely have some swelling and slight discomfort following the procedure, but most patients find that they do not experience any other problems. Always follow your doctor's instructions as you will be informed how to take care of yourself after the surgery takes place.

For those patients who are nervous about their treatment, Whistler Dental offer several techniques to help apprehensive patients relax and overcome their anxiety.ᅠ Get wisdom teeth removed at Whistler Dental.ᅠ Oral Surgery serving Whistler, Squamish, Garibaldi Highlands.ᅠ We even see oral surgery patients from Vancouver, B.C.

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