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The premier orthodontic dental practice to visit in the San Fernando Valley is the practice of Dr. Alexander Villar.ᅠ As a cosmetic focused general dentist in the Santa Clarita and Velencia areas, Dr. Villar provides patients with many teeth straightening options.ᅠ From traditional dental braces ( metal brackets, ceramic brackets, damon braces ) to the innovative Invisalign invisible braces from Align Tech.ᅠ Dr. Villar has corrected many common problems through these orthodontic options such as crooked or overlapping teeth, overbites and underbites and more.ᅠ As a licenced general dentist in CA, Dr. Villar can treat many patients with orthodontics however in extreme cases he can refer you to an orthodontist in Santa Clarita / Valencia / San Fernando Valley.ᅠ The best way to find out which option is best for you to to contact Dr. Villar's office today for an orthodontic treatment consultation, he serves both adults and children.

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