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One of America's leading pediatric dentists, Dr. Barry Jacobson, is at your service.ᅠ One of his specialties deals with treating Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.ᅠ What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay you ask? ᅠ

Your infant and child's teeth are susceptible to a kind of tooth decay known as Early Childhood Tooth Decay, otherwise known as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, otherwise known as Bottle Rot.ᅠ Bay Bottle Tooth Decay is a fairly common occurrence, and when left untreated can lead to severe tooth decay requiring extensive dental restorations and extractions.ᅠᅠᅠᅠ ᅠ

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is aptly named since it is believed that the major contributor to the condition is when parents give their children excessive milk, formula, or juice.ᅠ Natural bacteria in the mouth love sugar and will feed of the sugars found in those drinks, creating a form of acid that will attack tooth enamel.ᅠ This problem is further exacerbated when parents allow their child to go to sleep with the bottle.ᅠ When the child is reclined with the bottle, such as when they are sleeping, the drink will pool around the child's teeth and will often go unswallowed for an extended period of time, thus extending the destructive effects of the acids.

The problem with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is that it is not detected easily in its early stages, but rather when there is an obvious deterioration in the child's teeth ヨ usually the upper and lower front teeth are the most affected.ᅠ By the time Bottle Rot is detected, it is often too late to save those teeth.ᅠ In the past, the only restoration devices for baby teeth were unattractive silver steel crowns.ᅠ Barry Jacobson recognizes that a smile disfigured by rotted teeth and silver caps has a profound psychological effect on a child's self esteem.ᅠ That is why he set out to provide more aesthetically pleasing alternatives to treat Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.

Today, children are not doomed to suffer with unappealing steel crowns as they have in the past.ᅠ Dr. Jacobson's restoration work on bottle-rotted teeth replaces traditional silver caps with beautiful porcelain-colored crowns and bridges that look and feel like natural teeth.ᅠ These restorations will not only restore self-esteem, but will instill a greater awareness of good, proper oral hygiene!ᅠ ᅠ

However, it is Dr. Jacobson's desires that your child will never need to have their teeth restored.ᅠ He advocates proactive prevention against Baby Bottle Tooth Decay that includes simple tasks like not allowing your child to fall asleep with the bottle (use a pacifier), as well as regular visits to the dentist.ᅠ Dr. Jacobson is experienced and skilled enough to detect the early signs of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.ᅠ By identifying the problem early, the appropriate course of treatment can be taken to alleviate the problems, and hopefully those teeth can be saved.

If you have any questions about Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, Dr. Jacobson would be glad to answer them in a consultation appointment.

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