Toddler Teeth Discoloration

A common pediatric dental problem is toddler teeth discoloration


The causes of toddler teeth discoloration include the following:

• poor cleaning habits
• exposure to certain minerals (e.g., iron) and germs
• eating certain foods
• early tooth decay
• traumatic injury
• certain illnesses
• medication use

Treatments and Diagnosis

Some cases of tooth discoloration in toddlers can be easily treated. You can try removing the stains by brushing your child’s teeth with either baking soda and water or adult toothpaste. If this does not solve the problem, you should take your child to a dentist. Dentists can usually easily rectify toddler teeth discoloration.

For some stains, such as those on the insides of teeth, extensive dental work may be required. 
If you notice stains that do not go away with careful brushing or overall discoloration of your toddler’s teeth, consult a pediatric dentist. Be sure to inform your dentist of any symptoms of illness your child displays and of any medications, vitamins or supplements he or she is taking. The cells responsible for making enamel are sensitive to disturbances caused by illness and medication, so discoloration can be an important indicator to a dentist that your child has a health problem or that her teeth are being affected by medication.

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