Porcelain Veneers Beverly Hills Dentist

Dr. Kevin B. Sands, a dentist to anonymous beautiful people and beautiful celebrities alike, makes the smiles brighter and more beautiful by using most recent application of art and science of cosmetic dental bonding - porcelain veneers.ᅠ Dr. Sands has mastered porcelain veneer technique that uses the bonding capabilities of thin porcelain sheet.ᅠ The porcelain veneer, once attached to a tooth, forms impossibly strong and durable structure that makes teeth not only more protected but also brighter and better looking.ᅠ Dr. Sands' clients, Beverly Hills dwellers, have had many a smile fixed by the use of this wonderful technique.ᅠᅠ The patients of Dr. Sands would only trust his expertise when it comes to making their smiles more complete and more beautiful.

Since they are glass-like, porcelain veneers, have a great advantage over other types of cosmetic dental bonding because they are translucent. When they are bonded onto a tooth's surface they simply mimic the qualities of translucent enamel thus making teeth appear healthier and lighter.ᅠ Dr. Sands' uses this technique because it is currently top of the art procedure that creates the natural-looking gorgeous teeth.ᅠ It is Dr. Sands' great accomplishment to be able to provide some of the most beautiful smiles in the world with a use of porcelain veneer application.

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