Porcelain Veneers Boston Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have problems with your smile that go beyond a bit of discoloration, considering getting a porcelain veneer. They're the secret behind so many of those ""Hollywood Smiles"" you see in the media. You too can have a perfect smile with a few simple veneers.

A porcelain veneer is an implant that is cemented directly on top of your front teeth. It's a thin porcelain shell that mimics the look of real, healthy teeth. They can be custom shaped and fitted to give you exactly what you want. Discoloration, wide gaps between teeth, and tooth chips can all be fixed instantly with a porcelain veneer.

Dr. George Biron is a leading professional in porcelain veneers in the Boston area. He's been doing them at the Arlington Dental Arts for years. It's a well-understood procedure that is safe and lasts for years.

For an instant correction to a crooked and unsightly smile, visit the Dr. Biron at the Arlington Dental Arts in Boston for a consultation today!

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