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A smile that needs a bit more help beyond whitening can require much time and effort to correct.ᅠ For people with busy schedules, a porcelain veneer is a quick and easy solution to a perfect smile.ᅠ You've probably seen them already on TV and in magazines, but had no idea that the procedure was done.ᅠ It's one of Hollywood's best-kept secrets, and porcelain veneers are now available in Detroit!

Dr. Alan R. Gordin is the leading cosmetic dentist in the State of Michigan.ᅠ He's been helping people achieve perfect teeth and smiles for years on end.ᅠ A porcelain veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is cemented on top of your front teeth.ᅠ Since only your front teeth are visible when you smile, only those teeth require a veneer.ᅠ They veneers are custom shaped to round out your smile.ᅠ They fix discoloration, large gaps between the teeth, and even misaligned teeth.ᅠ

If you want a perfect smile without the hassle of braces and whitening procedures, then a porcelain veneer is your best choice.ᅠ Contact Dr. Gordon's office today for a free consultation.ᅠ Your life and your smile will never again be the same!

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