Porcelain Veneers Sunnyvale Cosmetic Dentist

Chipped, stained or gapped teeth can really take away from a person's appearance and people with damaged teeth tend to shy away letting others see them smile because they are so embarrassed by their teeth. Luckily there is a way for these people to revamp their looks and their self-esteem: it's as simple as paying a visit to Dr. John Ashton Vellequette.

Dr. Vellequette specializes in custom porcelain veneers that can revitalize any smile so there is no reason to keep on living with chips, gaps and stains.

When a person decides to have porcelain veneers a few different appointments are involved. The first is the consultation. Usually the consultation involves meeting with Dr. Vellequette to discuss the procedure and the patient's desired result. During the following appointment the patient's teeth are buffed down and prepared for the veneers and a mold is taken of their teeth to make sure that the veneers fit perfectly. The last step is having the veneers affixed. Before permanently attaching the veneers Dr. Vellequette makes sure that his patients are completely satisfied with their new looks so each person can go home with a bright and vibrant smile that they can be proud of.

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