The Cost and Financing of Apicoectomy Root End Surgery

An apicoectomy is a microsurgery performed by a dental surgeon. The procedure is applied in patients that have received root canal surgery, but it wasn’t successful. If you need such a surgery, you will want to find out details about the costs of the surgery.

Average Costs

The average costs of an apicoectomy will be between $750 and $2,500. However, you may find that the costs vary from one surgeon to the other and may also be different in other geographical areas. If the surgery is performed using laser beams, you will find that these surgeries are more expensive, as they require special equipment.

The experience of the dental surgeon may also plan a role in the costs of the apicoectomy. The costs should cover the initial consultation, the anesthesia and the surgery. Should complications arise, you may face additional fees.

Insurance Coverage

Not all insurance plans cover the costs of a root end surgery. Depending on what insurance plan you have, you may find that your surgery will be covered between 0% and 90%.

If you have regular dental insurance, these typically won’t cover surgeries, only checkups, dental cleanings and fillings. You may consider upgrading your dental insurance to a plan that covers such a surgery.

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