Best Teeth Whitening Options for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

Teeth whitening is a common practice nowadays, and it is common for people to buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products. The importance of a large confident smile is well known, so it is only normal that people would like to show pearly white teeth. There are several options to obtain satisfactory whitening results, from the professional bleaching at the dentist’s office to the dental cosmetic products you can buy over the counter. However, if you have sensitive teeth and gums, before the teeth whitening you may need additional treatment.

Ideal Teeth Whitening Options for Sensitive Teeth and Gums

There are several good options for whitening sensitive teeth and gums. You can consult your dentist and depending on whether you want to whiten your teeth at home or in the dentist’s office, he can recommend:

  • Use a type of whitening gel which is milder and you can use it at home
  • Opt for the in-office whitening procedure
  • Start with treating and reducing sensitivity and then whiten teeth

The in-office teeth whitening procedure is good if you want rapid results. The treatment takes about one hour and you will have to use the bleaching gel only for a short period afterwards. However, the gel can cause serious pain in your mouth given the sensitivity of your teeth, even if you use anti-inflammatory medication during the procedure.

In some cases, if you have sensitive gums you might not tolerate any type of teeth whitening procedure or products. Teeth whitening might cause irritation at the level of the gums. Therefore, you might want to go for the complete series of treatments improving the sensitivity in your mouth.

After the treatment, you may have the whitening procedure done by your dentist, in-office. In this case, you will have to start your treatment with changing your dental care practices at home, undergo a re-mineralization procedure and ask your dentist for a desensitizer gel. For the sensitivity in the gums, your dentist could create something like a mouth guard which fits your teeth and prevents gums irritation. Gum irritation can be avoided when the dentist uses custom bleaching trays.   

Sensitive Teeth Care Practice

The first step in whitening sensitive teeth is treating the sensitivity. Therefore, before starting the teeth whitening procedure, it is recommended to use an extra soft tooth brush and a low abrasive type of toothpaste. When brushing your teeth, do not use water that is too hot or too warm, as your teeth won’t react well to temperature changes.

Treating Teeth and Gums Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity can be treated with substances which have the effect of re-mineralizing and desensitizing teeth. There are several products on the market which help with reducing the dentinal hypersensitivity and which are easy to use. These products have good results in strengthening your teeth enamel.

However, it is best to consult your dentist in order to make sure you have chosen the best option for whitening and treating your sensitive teeth.

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