Cost and Financing of Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening is a teeth bleaching procedure that also employs laser beams for faster and more durable results. If you are considering zoom teeth whitening, you may be interested in the costs involved and possibly looking into some financing options.

Costs of Zoom Teeth Whitening

The costs of Zoom teeth whitening may be between $300 and $800. The cost variations may be due to:

  • Your geographical location, some cities may charge more and even the area of the city where the clinic is located may count
  • The cosmetic dentist you choose
  • The method chosen to whiten teeth and the devices available at the dentist (if the device is newer, the costs may be higher)

Insurance Coverage

Most commonly, a teeth whitening procedure is not covered by insurance. There are, however, particular insurance plans that cover cosmetic treatments, including the teeth whitening.

Financing Options

The financing of Zoom teeth whitening can be available from the dental clinic you choose. Just ask if you can pay in several installments. If this is possible, an initial down payment will be required; this will be 20 to 25% of the full costs of the zoom whitening procedure.

Medical loans may also be a financing solution for teeth whitening.

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