More Americans daily are flashing sparkling white smiles – and it is not in your imagination!  In fact, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, tooth whitening is the most requested dental procedure today.   

With the major advances made in teeth whitening, you can easily, quickly and affordably achieve a movie star smile simply with one visit to your dentist.  LumaArch, one of the fastest whitening treatments available, can have your smile beaming within the lunch hour.   

How LumaArch stacks against other professional whitening treatments

Although professional dental whitening treatments all work more effectively and quickly than at-home whitening programs, LumaArch works even faster than most dentist whitening systems.  Indeed, LumaArch’s treatment time is two-thirds shorter than other whitening systems.  You can expect to see your teeth lighten by two to four shades, and the LumaArch dental treatment should only take approximately half an hour.

An overview of the LumaArch procedure

LumaArch’s effectiveness stems from its patented blend of hydrogen peroxide and whitening agents.  Your dentist will mix together a special powder and liquid to activate the powerful compound.  Once the LumaArch mixture has been carefully applied on your teeth, the special LumaArch xenon-halogen or LED light enhances the treatment – speeding up how quickly your teeth whiten to a beautiful shade.  

With only one visit, you can enjoy a sparkling white smile, and there are no messy
bleaching trays, strips, or gels needed during aftercare.  LumaArch’s results are designed
to last for years, as long as you practice good oral hygiene; however, should you need to
boost your whiteness, you can always opt to utilize StayBrite, which is LumaArch’s
home whitening system     

Cautions surrounding LumaArch

As with many chemical whitening treatments, there are precautions that must be made.  
Your dentist will professionally protect your gums, but there is always the risk that your
gums may become irritated after contact with the LumaArch whitening chemicals.  

In addition, should you have veneers, composite filings, porcelain crowns, or bonding,
these dental elements will not experience whitening.  Indeed, they may not be the same
color as your natural teeth after the whitening, as they will remain the same shade, while
your natural teeth become shades whiter.  
Also, if you are nursing, breast feeding, or pregnant, you should generally avoid any
chemical treatments that include bleaching.  These precautions generally apply with all
chemical whitening products, either used in the dentist’s office or at home.

With LumaArch, you can quickly enjoy the whiter teeth phenomenon that is sweeping celebrities, moms, and neighbors alike.  In only 30 minutes, you can flash a sparkling white smile that takes years off your appearance.

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