If you have noticed that your teeth no longer sparkle with the same white intensity, your enamel has been stained – which is where the Niveous whitening system works.  

Your tooth structure is comprised of inner dentin layers, which are surrounded by enamel.  When you look in the mirror and see discolored teeth that have lost their youthful white luster, your enamel has been covered by various films – which can come in the form of cigarette smoke, staining food, antibiotics, coffee, and tea.  

After years of film build up, your porous enamel becomes stained – where whitening toothpastes and dental cleanings cannot penetrate.  Although the stains do not harm your oral or physical health, they are the culprits behind a smile that feels aged, dull, and discolored.  This is where Niveous, who has been in the whitening industry for 20 years, treats the problem: in the core of the enamel.  

How Niveous whitens your teeth

Niveous is a 25% hydrogen peroxide-based compound which penetrates into your enamel, creating an oxidizing reaction within the pores to eliminate the stains.  Breaking apart the film compounds, Niveous releases the staining elements to showcase the beautiful, white enamel that was hidden under the discoloration.  The bleaching light, which is utilized to activate the whitening compound in some treatments, is optional for the Niveous program – and thus, the uncomfortable elements of heat are eliminated.  Instead, the Niveous applicators themselves contain the activators that initiate the whitening treatment on your teth.  

Your dentist will professionally apply the formulation onto your teeth in 15 minute intervals, and the complete session, with preparation, only takes approximately one hour.  In as little as your lunch hour, you can walk out of your dentist’s office with a shining, younger, whiter smile.  Unlike at home treatments which can take weeks to show results, Niveous gives you an instantly whiter smile.  

Comparing Niveous with other dental competitors

Considering that the competition in the teeth whitening industry is high, finding an effective whitening treatment for your smile can be easy.  In differentiating itself from its competitors, Niveous makes the activation light, along with at home treatments, completely optional.  In addition, according to a third-party independent research firm, Niveous’ whitening results proved to have the longest longevity.  In contrast to seven leading whitening treatments, Niveous’ smiles had a reduction in brightness less than the other competitors.  

Subsequently, without having to bear the inconvenience of home treatments, Niveous allows you to enjoy a long-lasting, bright white smile.  

Consulting with your dentist is always recommended, as the level of your oral health, presence of any crowns or veneers, and number of caries can impact the decision for the best whitening treatment for you.   Niveous’ long-lasting results do make itself a very worthy competitor in the arena of teeth whitening, and you obtain the benefits of professional application and years of sparkling smiles.

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