Have you ever looked in the mirror, wishing that your teeth would shine brighter? Dull teeth are unfortunately a natural part of aging, as well as an indicator of our various lifestyle habits. Without whitening your teeth, they will continue to lose their luster and brightness, causing your smile to look older.

For this reason, both celebrities and your neighbor alike have turned to professional dental teeth whitening systems, such as the popular Opalescence. Considered very safe, yet incredibly effective, Opalescence can inject youthfulness back into your smile. Designed to minimize any issues that people with sensitivity may face, Opalescence is a great option for those who have sensitive teeth.

Why is Opalescence teeth whitening a good option?

Many people choose Opalescence for its sheer convenience. In one short appointment, which can be conducted during your lunch hour, you can enjoy a more youthful, whiter, and brighter smile. The aftercare for Opalescence is easy, thus allowing you to enjoy an effortless white smile.

Opalescence also comes with health advantages; according to scientific research, Opalescence has been shown to fight cavities, boost your teeth enamel’s micro-hardness, as well as improve your overall enamel health. With all of these advantages, many people find it difficult to shy away from the glistening whiteness of Opalescence.

What is the Opalescence procedure?

There are two easy stages associated with Opalescence’s whitening procedure. First, many people opt to select the in-office Opalescence Xtra Boost, which is one of the most effective whitening treatments available. Without any need for a light or laser to activate its whitening properties, Opalescence works quickly on your teeth – giving you a whiter, brighter smile in only one hour.

To give your teeth that ultimate white dazzle, many people choose to continue the Opalescence process at home. After consulting your dentist, you will use the Opalescence kit, including gel, syringe, and trays. You will use the syringe to apply the gel in the trays, and then you simply apply the trays to the teeth. The time you spend wearing the trays can be as little as 20-40 minutes a day, whenever it is convenient for you. Although the full treatments spans over several weeks, you will see improvements instantly.

Is there any special aftercare for Opalescence?

The key to maintaining your flawlessly white smile is by properly caring for your teeth. Brushing your teeth after you have consumed any staining food or drinks can keep your teeth at their whitest. Other than these precautions, there is no other special aftercare associated with Opalescence.

With the right maintenance, your smile can stay white for years. Many people enjoy a whiter Opalescence smile for years – meaning your one-time investment can give you a whiter smile for years to come.

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