Teeth Whitening Gel

For many people, the prospect of showing their smile is frightening.ᅠ Although the act of smiling is not meant to bring this much anxiety to people, a large proportion of the population are self-conscious about their smile.ᅠ This is because images of perfect smiles full of pearly, white teeth surround us everyday.ᅠ For individuals with stained and discolored teeth, there is hope and this is through teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures and is also available as a take-home product.ᅠ A safe and efficient procedure, the main component of the teeth whitening process is teeth whitening gel.ᅠ Teeth whitening gel is a special dental product that is applied to the teeth, which contains hydrogen peroxide.ᅠ The hydrogen peroxide eventually breaks down, usually by a light or laser source, in which the teeth whitening gel undergoes the process of oxidization.ᅠ What this means is that the hydrogen peroxide contained within the teeth whitening gel attaches itself to stained molecules found on the teeth.ᅠ This breaks down the stained molecules allowing oxygen to penetrate the transparent tooth enamel.ᅠ As the stained molecules become weaker, oxygen removes the discoloration and stain found on the teeth, leading to whiter teeth.

Teeth whitening gel is used in all of the teeth whitening procedures performed by cosmetic dentists.ᅠ However, teeth whitening gel is also available for at-home teeth whitening products.ᅠ In these teeth whitening products, teeth whitening gel is included with a mouth tray that is worn by the user.ᅠ In this set up, teeth whitening gel is added to the mouth tray through a syringe.ᅠ Typically, each syringe of teeth whitening gel should last for five to six applications of the at-home teeth whitening product.

With the at-home teeth whitener, you should place a small dab of teeth whitening gel half way up the front of each tooth in the tray.ᅠ Once you wear the tray, you may find that excess teeth whitening gel will seep off the tray to the gums.ᅠ Just simply wipe this off with your finger or a tissue, as teeth whitening gel may cause minor irritation when exposed for long periods to your gums.ᅠ After you have worn the tray for its designated time, you may have to brush away any of the remaining teeth whitening gel from your teeth.

Teeth whitening gel is considered one of the safest products used in dentistry.ᅠ Its effects are apparent and its use will result in immediately whiter teeth.ᅠ Many teeth whiteners claim that teeth whitening gel will result in teeth that are up to nine shades whiter than before.ᅠ Whether or not the results of teeth whitening gel matches this claim is debatable but this should not take away from the effectiveness of teeth whitening gel.ᅠ When used by cosmetic dentists for in-office treatment, teeth whitening gel will make a patient's teeth significantly whiter in a single, one-hour treatment.ᅠ When used as a take-home product, it will have effect within one month.

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