Teeth Whitening Houston White Teeth with Dr. Frazar

Everybody knows the importance of white teeth.ᅠ For most first impressions, white teeth are representative of your lifestyle ヨ how you take of yourself - which has implications for your health and status.ᅠ But most importantly, white teeth emphasize your smile, which in turn, highlights your confidence.ᅠ Dr.ᅠKathy Frazarᅠunderstands the importance of healthy white teeth for improving your appearance and confidence, and has helped many people attain this.ᅠ

At her practice, Dr.ᅠFrazar ᅠhas had much success restoring the sparkle in people's teeth through teeth whitening.ᅠ She has earned a solid reputation amongst her peers as one of the best to perform this procedure with her relentless dedication and attention to detail.ᅠ

Here at his practice, Dr. Frazar employs the widely popular and effective Zoom system to whiten teeth.ᅠ This same teeth whitening system has been used in the ABC show, モExtreme Makeoverヤ.ᅠ The Zoom procedure is remarkably easy and can be performed in the office.ᅠ The procedure involves applying the ZOOM teeth-whitening gel in which the active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide.ᅠ After it is applied, a specially designed light will activate the hydrogen peroxide to break down.ᅠ This allows oxygen to enter your teeth and bleach the dentin and enamel.ᅠ

With Dr. Frazar's performing such a procedure, you will be left in very skilled and capable hands.ᅠ You can join the many satisfied patients who have improved their smiles with Dr.ᅠFrazar.ᅠ So what are you waiting for?ᅠ Have that Hollywood smile you've always wanted.ᅠ

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