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Brilliant smiles are all over the place.ᅠ You've seen them on Broadway, on television, and walking the streets of New York.ᅠ No one knows this better than Dr. Michael Kosdon.ᅠ They've been making New York a happier, brighter place for years now with their expertise in the Zoom teeth whitening system.

Zoom is a revolutionary new teeth whitening technology that takes a mere hour to complete.ᅠ In that short time, your teeth will look years younger with several shades of improvement.ᅠ Over the course of a weekend you can have several treatments to cure even the toughest stains.

The Zoom whitening system is a proprietary technique utilizing the latest in dental technology.ᅠ A light-activated gel is spread on the teeth and released by shining a special light on them.ᅠ This activates the cleaning compounds that will penetrate the teeth and remove deep staining.ᅠ In comparison, the compound in the Zoom whitening system is many times stronger than those found in household whitening products.ᅠ Throughout the procedure, the careful hand of Dr. Kosdon will ensure that the rest of your mouth does not come into contact with the gel.

Contact their office today for a consultation.ᅠ Depending on how serious your teeth staining is, one or several treatments may be necessary.ᅠ Don't hesitate on this.ᅠ Make your smile bigger and brighter than Times Square with Zoom!

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