Teeth Whitening Products

For many people, the sight of their own teeth causes discomfort.ᅠ Nobody wants to have brown or yellow teeth but unfortunately it can be difficult to maintain white teeth.ᅠ Things like coffee consumption, tobacco use, tea consumption, antibiotics use, and aging contribute to teeth staining.ᅠ Thankfully, we live in a time where it is easy to reverse the effects of darkened teeth.ᅠ Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures performed by cosmetic dentists.ᅠ Its effects are startling and the procedure can easily fit into anybody's hectic schedule.ᅠ However, some people would rather avoid the dentist.ᅠ Whether it is the expense of teeth whitening or a fear of the dentist, these people should know that it is possible to have their teeth whitened without having to have work done by a dentist.ᅠ This is because there are numerous teeth whitening products available that are designed to help people gain whiter teeth.

Teeth whitening products can be varied and encompass whitening toothpastes and teeth whitening systems.ᅠ Whitening toothpastes are interesting teeth whitening products, as they do not contain the same ingredients found in teeth whitening systems.ᅠ Whitening toothpastes contain polishing agents that are more inclined to remove deep tooth stains when compared to other toothpastes.ᅠ However, whitening toothpastes are usually not as effective as other teeth whitening products.

Popular teeth whitening products tend to be teeth whitening systems that are used by dentists that perform teeth whitening procedures.ᅠ Popular dental teeth whitening systems such as Britesmile and Zoom are available as at-home teeth whitening products.ᅠ These teeth whitening systems are easy to use and are the most effective of the at-home teeth whitening products.ᅠ Although there are some differences among the various at-home teeth whitening systems, there are some common components found within these teeth whitening products.

Contained within the at-home teeth whitening system is teeth whitening gel and a mouth tray that is worn by the user.ᅠ The teeth whitening gel is similar to the ones used by dentists for teeth whitening and contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.ᅠ As the active ingredient found within the teeth whitening gel, the peroxide is responsible for breaking down stain molecules that are responsible for tooth discoloration.ᅠ In addition to the teeth whitening gel, these at-home teeth whitening products contain a mouth tray that holds the teeth whitening gel.ᅠ A syringe is used to inject the mouth tray with teeth whitening gel and the mouth tray is worn over a period of time.

These at-home teeth bleaching kits are the most popular of the teeth whitening products on the dental marketplace.ᅠ Although there are numerous companies selling these at-home teeth bleaching kits, there tends to be very little variation among these teeth whitening products.ᅠ As a rule, teeth whitening products should contain teeth whitening gel that contains peroxide.ᅠ To learn more about teeth whitening products, it is recommended that you visit the specific company's website that is responsible for a teeth whitening product.

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