Zoom Teeth Whitening Bloomfield Hills

For many individuals of the most embarrassing cosmetic concerns that an individual can experience is stained or discolored teeth. This may create an uncomfortable situation for many individuals in social or professional environments and may make them feel self-conscious. Dr. Glenn Spencer of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is a very talented and committed cosmetic dental professional who has helped many individuals in the community overcome this problem through Zoom Teeth Whitening.

Gel is applied to the teeth with the patient seated in the dental chair and the gel is then heated using a lamp. The whitening gel responds to the heat by releasing oxygen to remove the stains from the teeth without hurting the enamel. The gel is washed off after an hour and a fluoride treatment is applied. Once this is complete, the patient is left with a beautiful, attractive smile. Before your treatment, ask Dr. Spencer any lingering questions.

If you're in the Bloomfield Hills area and are interested in learning more about Zoom Teeth Whitening with Dr. Spencer, give him a call to set up a consultation. Dr. Spencer is determined to help patients with various cosmetic concerns find a way to overcome them so they may improve their oral hygiene and self-confidence.

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