Anterior Teeth

Anterior teeth are the six upper and six lower front teeth. The anterior teeth consist of Incisors and Cuspids (Canines).

The upper incisors are the most prominent teeth in the mouth; the lower incisors the smallest. These teeth are shovel-shaped and have one root. Incisors are used to cut through food. There is a total of eight incisors in the permanent dentition. Four are located in each arch. Maxillary incisors are always larger than mandibular incisors. The central incisors are the two center or middle incisors. The lateral incisors are the two on either side of the central incisors.

Cuspids are also anterior teeth. They are sometimes referred to as canines and are spear-shaped with one root like the incisors. Cuspids are well equipped for the function of gripping and tearing food.

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