Gingivectomy is a form of gum surgery. It is best described as the surgical removal of gingiva. Healthy gums are an important part of a person's general oral hygiene and appearance. Sometimes in certain people the gums can grow and build up over the front surface of a tooth. This formation of extra gum can change the balance between the length of the teeth and the height of the gum line leading in some cases to a person having a bad smile.

A gingivectomy is a type of minor surgery that involves the removal of a small amount of gum tissue around a tooth or teeth. A gingivectomy can be performed to correct a poor smile or maybe needed to be done to remove a diseased tooth or allow a filling to be placed.

Performing a gingivectomy is quick and relatively painless. Firstly a local anesthetic is applied to completely numb the area of the gums. A small incision is made and the excess gum tissue is removed using a dental tool. A periodontal dressing covers the teeth and gums post-surgery to protect them while fully healing. This takes a few weeks but after that the gum is completely free of pain.

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