Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is an area of dental specialty involving the repair of bones and soft tissues of the face mouth and neck for functional and esthetic reasons. Patients with physical trauma to the face mouth and neck oral infection and jaw disorders may explore surgical treatment options.

The following are surgical procedures performed by an oral surgeon:

ᄋ Damaged or impacted tooth removal under a general anesthetic to prevent further damage to the adjacent teeth and jaw structure.

ᄋ Dental implant procedures including reconstructive bone surgery to ensure strong replacement teeth that look and feel natural.

ᄋ Reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries to correct soft tissue and bone damage or to change unwanted features. These procedures often require grafting of skin bone tissue and nerves from other parts of the body.

ᄋ Facial surgery to the soft tissues jaws cheeks nasal bones eye sockets and forehead to repair cuts fractured facial bones and for pain relief in extreme cases of temporomandibular joint disorders.

ᄋ Corrective jaw surgery for treatment of bite deformities and birth defects including realignment of the upper and lower jaws and cleft palate corrective procedures to improve functionality and appearance.

ᄋ Cyst and tumor treatments and removal as well as procedures to treat and manage severe infections within the oral cavity jaws and neck.

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