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Dental Fillings Questions

Three weeks after a deep filling I am in extreme pain. Is this normal? What about the procedure could be causing this much pain?
Dental Fillings -1 answer
Three weeks after a deep filling i am in EXTREME pain. Instead of getting better, it's getting worse and worse. One thing I noticed after the filling was a sensitivity to heat. Is this normal? What about the pr... Read more
It's been a little over a week since my wisdom tooth was filled and my gum still hurts, is this normal?
Dental Fillings -1 answer
I my wisdom tooth filled a little over a week ago. My dentist used a numbing tool that beeped (i don't know what it's called). Since the treatment my gum hurts. Is this normal? Read more
Do fillings usually fall out after a certain amount of time?
Dental Fillings -1 answer
Are fillings permanent, or do they eventually always fall out? Read more
Why does it hurt for a week after I get a filling done?
Dental Fillings -1 answer
Every time I get a filling, my dentist has to give me 5 shots to numb the area and then it usually hurts for a week or more after. What could be the problem? Read more
Do dental fillings have to be replaced?
Dental Fillings -1 answer
How long do fillings usually last? Read more

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